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Tweetdeck vs Search Engines


The first difference that struck me in the Tweetdeck vs. Search Engines debate is the ability to create columns with Tweetdeck. These columns allow you to see things in real time simultaneously like the results of your searches, what people are saying under certain hashtags, and what the people you are following are tweeting. Search engines like Google do not have this feature where you can track multiple things at once in the same window. My Tweetdeck has four columns which include my searches for what people were tweeting about cyberbullying and Hollywood movie news, as well as tweets under the hashtags #cyberbullying and #Hollywood. Another thing I find is that the search tools and filters for Tweetdeck are more convenient and efficient. Tweetdeck shows you what tweets are related to what you are searching for and the related users to the topic. I quickly followed 5 Twitter users for each of my topics who seemed to be the most knowledgeable about the topics. For cyberbullying, I followed some organizations that were trying to fight the cause and accounts that directly had “movies” or “Hollywood” in their names. On search engines, you would probably have to sift through more sites to acknowledge which ones have the most accurate information. Tweetdeck can also adjust your topic search to search for specific tweets that have been retweeted, favourited, or replied to a certain number of times.  Lacking in search engines, this makes it simpler to detect true and false information plus its producers.