Digital Etiquette

Everything you post on the internet is recorded somewhere and could be there forever no matter how many times you try to get rid of it. For this reason alone, it is highly important to know some rules of what to and not to do online called digital etiquette. Digital etiquette can also be looked upon as a way to build your personal brand online. Your personal brand is basically your identity and what you represent. By having the proper digital etiquette, a person will have the highest chance of building successful business and personal relationships online. To be honest though, digital etiquette and real life manners are similar in the sense that you should not do anything your parents would not be proud of. For example, do not infuriate or annoy people by sending them too many unnecessary emails. Respect other peoples space online and they will give you yours. If someone is spamming your inbox or making you mad, do not hesitate to report them to whoever is in charge. On a business level, you should be professional when it comes to making email or other social media accounts. If you are selling a product or service, do not put anything on the internet that will jeopardize your company’s image. If someone has any questions or complaints about your product or service, converse with them to show that you care about them. Share your knowledge with people because a competitor might instead and you’ll lose customers. Moreover, when you are creating business profiles, make sure that you take nice and well-groomed pictures to give possible customers and employers the sign of a professional  businessman. Basically, do not post anything online that would make you squirm if you were to see it on the front page of a magazine.


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